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Who Is StubOrder?

StubOrder is an entertainment company that was formed to completely address the need getting great tickets to any event of your choice. We were able to take several concepts about the entertainment industry that alone were not very helpful and marry them together to offer our customers a simple, low cost, and hastle free, method to attend any SPORTING, CONCERT, OR THEATRE, event of their choice.

Due to the years of experience in and around the industry the owners have the buying power to offer competitive prices, and the knowledge to forecast big upcoming events and stock adequate inventory levels to accommodate our customers needs. They heard for years friends and clients say " man I wish I had a ticket to that game" or " There is no way I'm standing in line for 10 hours for that ticket". People all over the world are logging onto StubOrder for tickets to such events like the World Cup, Wimbledon, Super Bowl, NCAA bowl games, NHL, NFL, and NBA games just to name a few. In addition to sports, we offer tickets all of the hottest concerts, and theatre shows as well.

Please visit us regularly at StubOrder, make us a favorite on your desktop, or call us anytime at (866) 856-6228.

As always the management and customer service department at StubOrder thanks you for your continued support, and looks forward to supplying you all of your ticket needs.

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